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Treading carefully vs. falling forward.....

There is only thing harder than being an "IT" person living with a family dependent on the internet -- being an "IT" person living with a family dependent on the internet who likes to play with technology...... Yep - my family is addicted to the internet (myself included). And nope - not one of them is IT-literate. Which leads to conversations like: Kid: Dad - the Wifi sucks

Dad: Can you ping

Kid: Can I what?

Dad: Open up a command prompt

Kid : You want me to what?

Dad: sigh - give me your computer. Ok, so you can ping which is your default gateway and the response time is under 1ms. Using dnslookup, you can see there is good name resolution. And if you ping the target website IP you find that the response time is an excellent 30 ms. Therefore the wifi is just fine and the problem is actually with the server hosting the content you are trying to reach. Unless there is something n your host security stack.... hmmmm...

Kid: Dad - the wifi still sucks.

Dad: I just showed you it's not the wifi. Grab a piece of paper and let me draw this out. There is a difference between wifi and the internet.....

And folks wonder why none of my kids want to get into information technology - they are afraid of turning into their dad.....

With that said, I am starting two adventures at home which may take me where angels fear to tread: leveraging a second WAN connection on my Meraki MX with my ISP connection (Spectrum) in WAN1 and Starlink in WAN2. The second adventure is moving to IPV6 as both Spectrum and Starlink support dual stack from what I see.

There are a few challenges I see already: 1. Asking 'the kid' to ping their default gateway will take much longer and typos will abound....

2. Ensuring my Meraki is configured correctly as I have several ECO/NFO's applied for various features I played with over the years.

3. Since NAT is missing with IPv6, how will devices pick up addresses? Seems they get two - one for each wan link, which actually makes sense. However, how do devices determine which link to use? And what happens when the WAN link they are using goes down? And how will the Meraki MX load-balance traffic? Or will it?

Technically this will be fun. From a relational perspective, my family may suffer a bit. But hey - great strides require great sacrifice, right? And one day they will appreciate being native IPv6 to the internet! Now to shut off IPv4 and see who screams first......

Side note 1: Kudos to ISP's like Spectrum and Starlink for supporting IPv6 to consumers - I am anxious to play.

Side note 2: (unrelated) Getting older beats the alternative. However, as you approach the age where you have more years behind you than in front of you, get a colonoscopy. My latest one no doubt saved my life. Just sayin.....)

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