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First Starlink Adventure

Last week was my first week working remotely with Starlink and I must say I was impressed. Couple of key thoughts/takeaways:

- use the app to review coverage. Turns out my problems on the first morning were from the dish was pointed at a building.

- latency was impressive - better than cellular surprisingly. I was in a populated area so cellular coverage was not an issue.

- I hosted several video conferences and folks were surprised at the quality considering I was using satellite connectivity

- Starlink has a higher percentage of drops over cellular, but they are generally under 2% and did not impact my experience. (Drops were higher when I had obstructions as you can see in the graph below)

- The Starlink app does a great job indicating when there are issues and why (network, obstruction , etc.)

The experience was not quite like sitting at home on Spectrum internet. However, I was definitely able to work the week with minimal impact.

Here is a snapshot comparing Starlink (WAN1) to cellular from my Meraki dashboard.

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